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If you want to spend money to see a movie, it should be the Fast and the Furous. That was a great movie. It makes me want to get a nicer car. It turned out to be different than the commercial portrayed it. Havent seen Tomb Raider, I don't really know how good it is. I was able to see Vertical Limit and Blair Witch 2 in the past week also. Vertical Limit reminded me of climbing and Cliffhanger so much that I watched Cliff Hanger. Blair Witch 2 I watched twice. Once, with some friends and we all laughed how dumb it was, though I didnt pay much attenention to it. I watched it again, around 3 in the morning and it kinda freaked me a little bit. Ive watched more movies in the past week than I did in a month. Any good recomendations are welcome.
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hey added u 2 my buddy list hope u don't mind. u seem pretty cool and we have similiar interests. so hey bye.
hey, its cool with me. Read your journal too, u know how to have a good time.